Here we are ! MURèNE is happy and proud to present its first EP "365,2425" ! If you'd like to get it, ask us through the contact form (page "Contact") !

MURèNE is the gathering of four musicians playing pieces of music from various styles, with an uncommon soundpaste.

The music (original compositions and widely rearranged covers of existing titles) skips from rock to jazz, and from hip-hop to popular songs, always keeping room for individual or collective improvisation, and startling the audience with unexpected uses of their instruments (trombone, saxophones and drums), but also by playing with toys and various sonorous objects. During the show, three musicians spin around the drums, climbing up and down small staircases and taking advantage of the street environment to interact with the audience. Demonstrating an all-times energy, the street quartet MURèNE could look like a brass band, but actually sounds successively like a metal band, a jazz orchestra or a rap crew…


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